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Why is mute-labs much more affordable than its competitors?
Do you also have a booth for 2 people?
Is there an Ethernet connection in the booths?
How good is the sound insulation?
How long can I sit in the booths?
Do you have showrooms so I can test the booths live?
Can I customize the booths?
Where are the booths manufactured?
What products do you offer?
Can I move SOLO around the office?
What tools do I need?
Can I assemble SOLO myself?
How many boxes does SOLO come in?
Do I need accessories for the phone booth?
Can I move the QUATTRO in my office?
Can I assemble QUATTRO myself?
Do I need accessories for the meeting booth?
What is the difference between Deepwork Booth QUATTRO and Meeting Booth QUATTRO?
Can I assemble QUATTRO myself?
Can I move the QUATTRO in my office?
How long can I work in the QUATTRO?
Do I need accessories for the QUATTRO?
How does the assembly work?
Do you ship abroad?
Is it possible to get the booths set up by mute-labs?
Is the delivery within Germany free of charge?
To where is the delivery made?
How long are delivery times?
Can I rent or lease your phone and meeting booths?
What about discounts?
Why does mute-labs value "Made in Germany" so much? 
Are the materials used sustainable?
What does mute-labs do for sustainability?
How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?
Is there a guarantee?

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