Sustainability - not just a buzzword.

Our contribution

Sustainability is just as important for us as the design and acoustics of our office pods. The predominant material used in our booth is FSC-certified wood. Until now, this renewable raw material has been considered almost inexhaustible. But in recent years, more than 90 million cubic metres of wood have been lost annually in Germany, as a result of climate change. Together with your support, we want to change this and contribute to the protection of our climate.

One Booth - One Tree

In order to contribute to climate protection, we have launched the campaign "One Booth - One Tree" where we plant a tree for every booth sold. Not in Brazil or Indonesia, but here in Germany, where we produce our booths. To make sure that for each box a tree is planted, we will put on the rubber boots, pick up the shovel and plant the trees ourselves.

Sustainable materials

The wood we use comes from sustainable forests and is certified under the Chain of Custody in accordance with the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC® C017963), the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC™) and the new ISO 38200 : 2018.

Wooden boards stacked on each other with a Made in Germany logo for our office pods.
Bird's eye view of an industrial site where our phone booths are manufactured.

Short delivery routes - better eco-balance

We produce all our products 100% in Germany and thus in the heart of Europe. Not only because it is easier to ensure our quality and processing standards in close coordination with our producers, but also because we are able to achieve shorter delivery routes and thus a better CO2 footprint.

Made in Germany

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